Security Metrics - Truth In Data

I am thrilled to share theThreatPost articleI wrote about the top ten tips security teams should consider as they evolve their metrics-driven practices. If video is your preferred format, I also shared details about these tips in this short piece.
These are not huge revelations or commandments - instead a set of principles proactive security teams should consider as they get serious about making the most of their event data.
I am passionate about this topic - as are many others in the security field. Without taking a more methodical and sustainable approach to analyzing our security posture, we will be in a constant knife-fight with cyber-criminals and we won’t win that one.
In fact, I will soon be sharing some details about some research we did that highlights the challenges faced by most security organizations. Some of the results were surprising, but my biggest take-away is that security teams are not armed with the right tools or processes to confidently stay ahead of threats.
Keep your eyes peeled for that report and let’s continue the dialog about improving our security posture with greater intelligence.
by Joe Gottlieb